Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Grease-laden kitchen ducts presents one of the most serious and common fire hazards in a building. One in every fourth accidental fire in a commercial building is attributed to cooking and extraction systems. In the U.S. alone, cooking caused 27,400 fires in non-residential buildings in 2013 (51% of all fires)1.

Kitchen extract systems are coated with grease, oil, and other residues that may ignite and cause fire to spread rapidly throughout the exhaust system. In a worst-case scenario, this may cause deaths and substantial property damages vulnerable to prosecution. Poorly maintained kitchen extraction ductwork is an obvious fire risk and thus can render insurance policies invalid. Therefore, it is vital to keep kitchen ducts clean.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and companies are still offering vague services promising to clean kitchen exhaust ducts. However, these companies usually just wipe the area that can be reached by hand, while major parts causing the fire risk is left unclean. Lifa Air has more than 25 years’ experience in providing state-of-the-art kitchen exhaust cleaning systems.


Fast and no risk of leakage

Lifa’s dry removal method is suitable for all types of grease, either soft or hard-burned. Especially designed grease brushes connected to rotating brushing machine removes grease rapidly and efficiently in a large area thus saving kitchen downtime and cleaning costs. Since our Lifa concept is based on dry cleaning, there is no risk of water damage caused by leakages in the exhaust duct nor increased risk of rust in the ducts.

Only complete system cleaning is effective

With Lifa Grease Cleaning System, it is possible to remove grease all the way from vertical and horizontal parts of the duct. The result equates to a decreased risk of fire, improved ventilation and less odors. This converts to lower insurance premiums and increased occupational safety.

Especially designed to kitchen exhausts

The Lifa System consists of a rotary brushing machine, which is powerful enough to remove even the toughest grease. Our Lifa system consists of especially designed grease brushes for each grease type and duct sizes, and a vacuum collection machine with high efficiency filters removing debris from the duct. Special accessories will make the duct cleaning easy, fast and safe. Our experience is your benefit!

1) Source USFA

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Reduced risk of kitchen fires

Enhanced working environment

Improved ventilation

Better smoke and odor removal

Lower insurance premiums

Kitchen fire can be fatal

Before cleaning

After a few minutes cleaning with brush only

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