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SpecialCleaner 20

for small ducts measuring 100-600 mm; 500rpm

Have a small duct? The SpecialCleaner 20 is designed to clean tight spaces. Pneumatic operation by foot control mechanism allows direction of rotation to be changed helping you avoid obstacles. Its 20-metre range-cleaning axis permits cleaning 35m of duct when extended.

The SpecialCleaner 20 is an electric ventilation duct-cleaning machine with a rotation speed of 550 rpm. It is designed to clean the inside surfaces of small ducts between 100-600 mm, although 400-600 mm ducts can only be vertical flues.

Product Description

The SpecialCleaner 20 is an electric ventilation duct-cleaning machine with a rotation speed of 550 rpm. It is designed to clean inside the surfaces of small ducts ranging between 100-600 mm, although only 400-600 mm ducts have to be vertical flues.

  • The number one professional choice for cleaning small ducts
  • 20-metre range cleaning shaft
  • Handy sized machine for tight spaces
  • Pneumatic operation by foot control mechanism
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Wheel-mounted for easy mobility
  • Monophase current

The SpecialCleaner 20 has a 20 m cleaning shaft, which enables it to clean up to 35 m of duct when extended in either direction from one hatch. The SpecialCleaner 20 is extremely handy in tight places, giving it the edge over other cleaning machines. As a small machine, it can quickly be set up for use or transportation. It has an extensive reach and a suitably long feed cable.

The reel for the flexible shaft is designed to wind the slack back into itself to prevent the shaft from coming into contact with dirty floor space during cleaning. The machine is also equipped with two power out tapping points for lights and drills. The rotation direction can be changed using the pneumatic foot control. Changing the direction of rotation enables the user to navigate the brush through bends in ducts.

All Lifa Air brushing machines can clean round or rectangular ducts. The correct choice of brush and cleaning technique ensures that rectangular ducts can also be cleaned.

Connecting Lifa Air’s low pressure cleaning machines to an AirClean 8000, HepaClean4000 or HepaClean 2500 to the duct ensures the complete removal of all dirt brushed loose in the ventilation duct.

Technical Specifications

Driving Power: Electricity
Electrical Connection: 110 V / 230 V, Single Phase
Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Power rating: 0.37 kW (0,5 HP)
Fuse/breaker: 10 A
Power Cord 10 m (32 ft.), cable stored in winding reel3G1.5 mm²
Brush rotation speed: 550 rpm
Rotation control: Closed pneumatic electric control, with foot control
Rotation direction change: Yes
Brush connection: M12 (metric)
Dimensions: Height: 970 mm (38”)
Width: 480 mm (19”)
Depth: 640 mm (25”)
Length of cleaning shaft: 20m (65 ft)
Shaft cover/structure: Laminated LD polyethene sheath and fl exible glass fi bre
Frame and reel: Zinc electroplated steel tube.
Machine Features: 2 power out tapping points, 1000 W max
Wheels: Transport wheels and pushing handle


Brush Adapter Flexible

M12 Connection for small ducts 80-160mm, with driller shafts and SC20 only

Liquid Spray Kit for Special Cleaner 20

Soft Brush With Nylon Center and Disk

Availible : ∅ 200 / 400 mm - ∅ 1000 / 1200 mm

Brush Adapter for LIFA Brushes with Nylon Center

Centralizer Disk

Availible : ∅ 200mm - ∅ 500mm

Soft Brush for Small Ducts

M12 Connection, , body of brush only 4.5 cm Available ∅125 - 340mm

Basic Brush

M12 Connection, Nylon bristle Available ∅100 - 600mm

Metal "Razor" Brush

M12-Connection Availible : ∅ 100mm - ∅400mm

Ball Brush For Plastic and Insulated Ducts

M12 Connection Available ∅90 mm

Remote Control

manual-pneumatic hand switch for SC2, SC20, SC25 Multi and Hy40

Shaft Holder

a tool to prevent shaft from scratching to access opening / sharp edges

Antistatic Brus

Brush Adapter Connection Availible : ∅ 200mm / 400mm - ∅ 800 / 1000mm

Centralizer Devices

Availible for : CC 40, Hyd 40, SC25 Multi,SC20 PE, CC15

Combination Brush for Rectangular Ducts

M12 Connection, nylon bristles of 2 different strength Available ∅150/350mm - ∅500/700mm

Tynex + Nylon Bristle Brushes

M12 Connection Available ∅100 - 500mm


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