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Hand Driller Shafts

For easy operation on small duct cleaning projects

Hand driller shafts are important tools for anyone conducting duct-cleaning practices. Conventional brush cleaning machines end up being too large for tiny ducts. Those ducts then end up harvesting air born containments that infects the air you breathe. Hand driller shafts are ideal for small duct cleaning purposes and Lifa’s high quality thoroughly tested equipment will make sure that your air is safe and secure.

Product Description

Hand drill shafts can be driven by the Special Cleaner 2 brushing machine or an electric hand drill. Depending on the project, we offer metal rope cables and single metal wire cables with different length and flexibility.

Metal Rope Cable

Metal rope cables are made to be incredibly flexible and operable with only one person. They require less space to operate and have a long lasting durability over single metal wire cables.

  • Superior flexibility: goes through several 90-degree bends without problems
  • Less space needed to operate
  • Can be operated by one person
  • Available in 4 sizes: 3 meter, 6 meter, 9 meter, and 12 meter driller shafts
Lifa Extra Flexible Driller Shafts

[for ducts 60mm – 250mm; 8mm metal rope cable]

The Lifa Extra Flexible Driller Shaft is made for small ducts from the length of 60mm – 250mm and has a 8mm metal rope cable.

The Extra Flexible Driller Shaft has an extra flexible shaft made for going through 90-degree bends in air ducts with ease. The Lifa Extra Flexible Driller Shaft requires less space and can be used by one person.

The Lifa Extra Flexible Driller Shaft is available in 4 sizes. 3m, 6m, 9m, and 12 meter driller shafts.

Lifa Flexible Driller Shaft

[for ducts 100mm – 315mm; 10mm metal rope cable]

The Lifa Flexible Driller Shaft is made for small air ducts that are 100mm -315mm and has a 10mm metal rope cable.

The Flexible Driller Shaft has a flexible shaft made for going through 90-degree bends in air ducts without a problem. The Lifa Flexible Driller Shaft requires less space and can be operated by one person.

Lifa Extra Strong Flexible Driller Shaft

[for ducts >125mm - 400mm; 12mm metal rope cable]

The Extra Strong Driller Shaft has a superior flexible shaft made for going through 90-degree bends in air ducts and is extra durable. The Lifa Extra Strong Driller Shaft requires less space and can be operated by one person.

Single Metal Wire Cable

Single metal wire cables may not be as flexible as the metal rope cables. However, single metal wire cables are known to be more rigid creating an easier to control wire for rectangular and vertical ducts. They are lighter in weight and require more space than a metal rope cable. Single metal wire cables do require more than one person to operate and have a greater risk in breaking if you pass it through several 90-degree corners.

Our wire cable set for drillers includes 3 pieces with 3m, 5m and 10 m single metal wire cable with 3.8mm construction and M12 connection to brushes. The metal wire cable set for drillers includes 6 brushes. These brushes are 3 basic brushes from sizes are 125mm, 200mm, and 300mm. As well as, 3 combination brushes sizes are 150/250mm, 200/400mm and 300-500mm.

Technical Specifications

Description Shaft Diameter Duct Type/Diameter Length: 3m 5m 6m 9m 10m 12m
Extra Flexible 8mm Metal Rope 60mm - 250mm 6420281020278 n/a 6420281020872 6420281011832 n/a 6420281022128
Flexible 10mm Metal Rope 100mm - 315mm 6420281010246 n/a 6420281010255 6420281022876 n/a 6420281012921
Extra Strong Flexible 12mm Metal Rope 125mm - 400mm 6420281021602 n/a 6420281020711 6420281012037 n/a 6420281012570
Wire Cables 3.8mm Metal Wire Straight Rectangular 6420281022579 6420281022579 n/a n/a 6420281022579 n/a


Brush Adapter Flexible

M12 Connection for small ducts 80-160mm, with driller shafts and SC20 only

Soft Brush for Small Ducts

M12 Connection, , body of brush only 4.5 cm Available ∅125 - 340mm

Basic Brush

M12 Connection, Nylon bristle Available ∅100 - 600mm

Metal "Razor" Brush

M12-Connection Availible : ∅ 100mm - ∅400mm

Ball Brush For Plastic and Insulated Ducts

M12 Connection Available ∅90 mm

Gravitational / Cyclone Filter Unit 120l

for Grease Removal Concept incl.T-joint + 2 x 5m flex ducts + 2 x Clamp for Duct Hose 305 mm + 2 x adapter 300->315 mm

Combination Brush for Rectangular Ducts

M12 Connection, nylon bristles of 2 different strength Available ∅150/350mm - ∅500/700mm

Tynex + Nylon Bristle Brushes

M12 Connection Available ∅100 - 500mm


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