About Us

LIFA AIR Ltd. is part of LIFA IAQ Ltd. group (founded 1988), which is a leading company in IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) business in the global scale.

Lifa is the leading provider of duct cleaning equipment worldwide. Our solutions are used in more than 50 countries from residential buildings to universities, hospitals, and demanding industrial applications. More than 10,000 duct cleaning systems have sold in past 25 years. This is proof of our customer oriented business model and commitment to quality. We are always striving for better solutions.

Lifa’s duct cleaning solutions follow the standards set by EVHA (European Ventilation Hygiene Association) and NADCA (National Duct Cleaners Association). We provide everything required to conduct duct cleaning work.

 All products and accessories are built to last long and remain reliable. Our extensive experience and knowledge in duct cleaning is to your benefit. Small details like telescope poles to lift vacuum hoses close to ducts in the ceiling. This is just an example how to improve working efficiency. 

LIFA has the product that fits your needs. We have a wide range of brushing, air jetting and spraying machines that will fit the duct you need to clean. Negative air machines and vacuum units to ensure you maintain clean quality air. As well as, duct inspection cameras and tools to further enhance the quality of air you breathe.

Brushing, Air Jetting and Spraying Machines

Negative air machines and vacuum units

Duct inspection cameras and tools

Research and Development

One of Lifa's major values is continuing research and development. Lifa has a very active and strong relationship with the academic world and has invested 10% of its income into research and product development annually.

Started in 1999, Lifa Air has been a part of the "Healthy Building" technology program of Tekes, the National Technology Agency of Finland. It is divided to several different development programs, which Lifa helps in either offering specialists in the field or as one of the sponsoring members.

Lifa was the gold sponsor of the Healthy Building 2003 conference in Singapore. During the conference, Lifa took part in three different scientific studies.

The first was Productive Office 2005 project. The main research organisations participating in Finland were the HVAC laboratory at Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (Helsinki and Turku) and its regional institutes. Other international universities involved were Technical University of Denmark, Centre for Indoor Air Environment and Energy and University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The second study was the Clean and Functional Ventilation System. The project was coordinated by The Indoor Air Association of Finland (FISIAQ). Lifa’s role in this project was to choose and develop best practice methods for inspecting and cleaning ventilation systems. The first part of this project concerned cleaning and installing new ventilation systems. This was finalized in 2002 and the guidelines for existing old ducts are to be finalized soon.

The last project was FINE: ultra-small particles. The aim of this project is to produce methods and equipment to reduce and control these particles that have been estimated to be the most harmful for human beings.


Lifa Dry and Clean (Pat. 110028): This combined dehumidifier/air purifier unit can be used as a low-pressure vacuuming unit with Hepa-filter and an active carbon gas filter for dust- and emission-free restoration. The machine is used in extreme conditions, such as repairing of moisture damaged washrooms in hospitals and schools, where there is a risk for different kinds of emissions, toxins and VOC:s caused by micro-organisms. Lifa has developed a new method to dehumidify and clean the air in crawl spaces of the buildings, where moisture and microbes cause many problems.

Lifa Hydmaster (Pat. 108408):Lifa Hydmaster's special feature is the propulsion power that rotates the cleaning brush, which is produced hydraulically along the flexible shaft. Lifa Hydmaster is by far the world’s most powerful ventilation duct brushing machine and the only machine with a built-in video camera: results of the cleaning can be inspected during cleaning on a video monitor. Lifa Hydmaster operates on monophase voltage and is distinctly more powerful and quieter than the pneumatic cleaning machines using large compressors. It is designed for demanding cleaning applications in both circular and rectangular ventilation ducts.

Lifa 3G Supply Air Filter (Pat.Pend.):This is the most important development project, in which with the cooperation between Hong Kong Polytechnic University, VTT Research Centre of Finland and Lifa develop solution(s) for Building Protection.

Lifa Grease Breaker (Pat.Pend.):This machine uses a combination of cryo technology and Lifa Ventilation Cleaning Concept to remove grease cost efficiently and without any liquid or other mess that needs to be cleaned after duct cleaning from floor or other surfaces.

Lifa`s premises, offices, manufacturing rooms, showroom and sales stock are located in Helsinki, Hämeentie 103D FIN-00550 Finland. Lifa also has offices and sales stocks in Hong Kong, Dubai and New York. It has also distribution/co-operation network to cover Asia, Middle-East, Europe and North-America.

About Our Partners: NADCA, REHVA and EVHA

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association is a non-profit association of companies engaged in providing clean HVAC systems. The group is also comprised of HVAC industry professionals. Products and systems with the NADCA certification means that they have been assessed cleaned and restored in an efficient and safe manner.

The Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations is a representation of a network consistent of over 100,000 engineers from 26 different countries. These engineers are dedicated to the improving health, comfort and energy efficiency.

The primary objection of the European Ventilation Hygiene Association is providing their clients with a peace of mind that their HVAC systems have been worked on by competent and knowledgeable engineers.

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