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CombiCleaner 15

for ducts measuring 100 – 600mm; brush speed 0-500 rpm

Built for grease duct cleaning, the CombiCleaner 15 is the perfect fit for cleaning small kitchen exhaust ducts or cramped spaces in residential, or office buildings. CombiCleaner 15 is designed with a pneumatic motor for brush rotation that provides a fast and deep cleaning for your ducts.

Based on the same high quality components used in other Lifa machines; proven functionality and durability.

Product Description

The CombiCleaner 15 is built to last and will remain functional after the most intense cleaning jobs.

  • Sprays disinfectant
  • Spreads foam and gel detergent
  • Applies duct sealant
  • Uses Y-adapter for rotating 2 brushes in rectangular ducts

The CombiCleaner 15 brush rotates using a pneumatic motor. The Y-gear is required for roating bother brushes in rectangular air ducts. Minimum power required for running two brushes is 340 l/min at 7 bar.

The CombiCleaner 15 cleans using a combination of brushing, air-jetting and liquid spraying through its integrated hose. Every brush from Lifa Air is compatible with the CombiCleaner 15. From soft brushes for handling everyday dirt to harder brushes for more heavy duty work such as kitchen grease, the CombiCleaner 15 is up to the task.

Technical Specifications

Driving power: Compressed air
Air requirement: 200-340 L/min (7-12 CFM), 7 bar
Brush rotation speed: 0-500 rpm, steplessly adjustable
Rotation control: Hand adjusted compressed air valves
Rotation direction change: With compressed air valves
Brush connection: M12 (metric)
Dimensions: Height: 910 mm (35”)
Width: 480 mm (19”)
Length: 640 mm (25”)
Weight: 20kg (44 lbs)
Length of cleaning axis: 15 m (49.2 ft.)


Grease Duct Chopper

Availible : Large(800mm) for dusts 500-1100mm and Small(350mm)for dusts 250-500mm

Foam Nozzle with Backressure Valve

Including Fast Coupling

Abrasive Brush with Bending Tynex Bristle

Availible : ∅ 200 / 400 mm - ∅ 1300 / 1500 mm

Super Oil Adsorbent Granule

0,8-1mm 20 kg sack (fine/small granule size)

Soft Brush With Nylon Center and Disk

Availible : ∅ 200 / 400 mm - ∅ 1000 / 1200 mm

Brush Adapter for LIFA Brushes with Nylon Center

Soft Brush With Nylon Center

Availible : ∅ 400mm - ∅1000mm

Ball Nozzle for Small/Soft Ducts

Availible : holes/air stream front way and backwards

Low Pressure Spraying Unit (Steel)

for CC40, CC15, SC25 Multi, AJC 20/10, DC Robot

Centralizer Disk

Availible : ∅ 200mm - ∅ 500mm

Low Pressure Spraying Unit (plastic)

incl. valve for compressed air recommended accessory for CC40, CC15, SC25 Multi, AJC 20/10, DC Robot

Grease Brush

Availible : 350mm - 1200mm

Hydrovane Compressor

High Volume Air Jetting Nozzle

Including Fast Coupling

Metal "Razor" Brush

M12-Connection Availible : ∅ 100mm - ∅400mm

Shaft Holder

a tool to prevent shaft from scratching to access opening / sharp edges

Y-dual Knife (air jetting nozzle)

Designed for Large Rectangular Ducts

Antistatic Brus

Brush Adapter Connection Availible : ∅ 200mm / 400mm - ∅ 800 / 1000mm

Aggressive Brush with Nylon Center

brush adapter connection; 1,0 mm stiff bristle Availible : ∅ 200mm - ∅ 600mm

Tri Angle Y-Gear

for Hydmaster 40, CC 40 or CC 15 or Cleaning Robots

Gravitational / Cyclone Filter Unit 120l

for Grease Removal Concept incl.T-joint + 2 x 5m flex ducts + 2 x Clamp for Duct Hose 305 mm + 2 x adapter 300->315 mm

Centralizer Devices

Availible for : CC 40, Hyd 40, SC25 Multi,SC20 PE, CC15

Basic Liquid Nozzle with Backressure Valve

Including Fast Coupling

Granule Spraying Machine

for Grease Removal Concept


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