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AirClean 3500

Max airflow of 3600 m3/h; Static pressure 1350 Pa

With airflow of 3600 m3/h, the AirClean 3500 unit cleans ventilation systems and general renovation area. It can also be used as an air mover in water damage, mold and microbial removal restoration work. It can also be used as an air scrubber by equipping it with a gas filter. A portable unit built for heavy-duty professional use.

Product Description

Lifa AirClean 3500 is designed for filtering and cleaning of airborne dust particles and other pollutants. Due to its excellent suction power, collection capacity, and robust seamless metal construction, the AirClean 3500 can be used for a variety of jobs from HVAC ventilation duct cleaning, to building renovation, demolition and contaminant control work. The AirClean 3500 can also be used as an air mover for water damage. The AirClean 3500 can be used for mold and microbial removal restoration work, or as an air scrubber, since this negative air pressure vacuum unit comes with a gas filter.

  • Air flow 3600 m3/h (2200 CFM)
  • Static pressure 1350 Pa (5,4 water column inch)
  • Electrically operated with single phase current 230V/50HZ (110/120V and 60Hz models available)
  • Portable unit for heavy-duty professional use
  • Large variety of filters available (e.g. gas filter)

Lifa AC 3500 is designed and manufactured according to international quality- and environmental management system ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Technical Specifications

Max airflow: 2100 - 3650 m³/h (1236 - 2200 CFM)
Max static pressure: 1350 Pa
Breaker/fuse size: 230V ~ 10A (110V/120V optional)
Max power consumption: 1. 1 kW
Power cord: + 2 m (6.5 ft.)
Dimensions: Height: 660 mm (25”)
Width: 510 mm (20”)
Length: 930 mm (37”)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs.)
Exhaust joint: 305 mm outlet coupling, 254 mm inlet coupling
Wheels Four lockable wheels and carrying handles


Telescope Lifting Set

Tripod legs 3 pieces + special clamp

Clamp for Duct Hose 305 mm


Pre/Bag Filter Box

Vacuum/Suction Duct Hose

Availible : ∅ 203mm to ∅ 305mm, 5m and 10m

Bag Filter for Exhaust Side

Exhaust Hose

Bag Filter

Hepa Filter

Pre Filter


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