Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition 2013 was fast track to success for European companies located in European Pavilion. Huge interest to Indoor Air Quality related solutions

“European companies provide leading technology in the world for sustainable, clean and green technology. In Macao’s 2013 MIECF exhibition European companies were presented in the best available area and under European umbrella strength of being together with lucrative companies enables all parties to get fruitful outcome from the event, just like we had” says Vesa Makipaa, Chairman of Lifa Air Group.

Interest for improved Indoor Air Quality has expand dramatically from earlier exhibition

Lifa Air Ltd (Finland) has been several times in exhibition but never met as huge demand for its solution as this year. “People were quoting to our booth even we had continuously over ten people from our companies to serve clients” Says Mr Vesa Makipaa founder of the 1988 established company. “I was losing my hope regarding Macau’s IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) business and wondering if it ever could have significant role in our global business. Now I’m convinced that our business will fly here and we even boost our activities for becoming market leader also in Macau.”

International company with local expertise

“We tried to operate in the past in Macau from Hong Kong, having technical assistance from Finland.” Mr Apollo Kwok, Technical and Operation Manager says and continues “After we set up our own company in Macau and shift technical assistance from Europe to our Asian regional service centre in Hong Kong, we were able to serve our clients locally and fulfil their needs”

Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality are linked together

“Outdoor air is brought in and mixed to indoor air to lower carbon dioxide inside the building. In China and Hong Kong outdoor air quality is generally considered poor. European standard EN 13779:2007 classifies China’s air quality to ODA 3 (ODA= Outdoor Air Quality) class, meaning that outdoor air has extremely large part of either gaseous or particles.” Says Mr Benjamin Shum, CEO of Lifa Air Ltd and continues “Lifa Air’s 3G filters is the most effective, best and economic filtration solution for removing gaseous and particle contaminants from the indoor air. System can be installed directly to AHU (Air handling unit), supply air, fancoil-units or stand-alone type air purifier.”

For more information about the solutions please contact to:
Mr Benjamin Shum, CEO
Lifa Air International Ltd
Mobile: +852 6621 0301
Tel: +852 2511 7076
Room 2001, 20/F, Kai Tak Commercial Bldg,
317 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
Vesa Mäkipää, Chairman
Lifa Air Ltd
10/F, Fuk Wo Industrial Building, 5 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong, Mobile +852 91788738

Lifa Air Ltd has founded 1988 in Finland, having Asia’s Headquarters in Hong Kong and fully owned subsidiaries in Guangzhou, Macau and Taiwan.
Lifa Air focus on combating with: (i) environmental pollutants, (ii) airborne diseases, and (iii) air security. Lifa has also three main concepts and product lines: (i) ventilation hygiene, (ii) renovation hygiene and (iii) building protection solutions.

Quality of indoor air is governed by several factors that are physical, chemical, radiological or microbiological. Because people spend most of the time (80-90%) in indoor areas, the importance of inhaled air is well acknowledged. Poor air quality leads to increased risk of cardiac and respiratory diseases. Ultra-fine (< 0.1 mm) particles are toxicologically more active than bigger particles with the same total mass. These ultra-fine particles have exceptional ability to penetrate to the pulmonary tissue, e.g. diesel particles increase responses to allergens and are likely to cause cancer. Bad indoor air is not merely a health problem disturbing individuals; it is also a major expense.

Current air ventilation system fails to protect people against air borne pollutants: Most air filtration solutions are incapable of filtering fine particles or gaseous impurities. Lifa Air has developed an advanced filtration green product namely the “3G Filter”, together with HKPU (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), which enables very high filtration efficiency which filters both particles (even ultra-fine ones) and gases with extremely low energy consumption dealing to its low pressure drop design. This green 3G (3-Green) filtration system is designed to have four-time longer lifespan than existing technology, and hence creating less waste during maintenance. Main components of the 3G system are also designed to be re-circled. The 3G system can also be used in existing, old-designed HVAC systems (Heating, ventilation and air condition) without or with minor changes only.

Lifa Ventilation Hygiene Concept consists of methodologies, green products and services for inspecting and cleaning the HVAC systems. Clean HVAC-system operates more efficiently with an estimation of energy saving up to 20% after cleaning. HVAC systems should always be cleaned before taking new building on use and then with reasonable frequency. Moreover, all components used in these ventilation hygiene systems manufactured by Lifa can be sent back to our maintenance center for re-circulation or re-modification.

Renovation Hygiene Concept enables safety and rapid renovation processes by controlling spreading of dust and other hazardous airborne contaminants from working areas during construction. This enables tenants to live at their home during renovation without forced to suffer pollutants from removal work. One of our newly developed green products, the “Lifa Air Door,” is another innovated solution which will also protect workers from respiratory diseases during or after constructions, and this project is now under the final testing stage with the Hong Kong Housing Authority and HKPU which we target to launch by this year.

Lifa Air´s IAQ services, unique green technology researches and developments are being translated into significant environmental, financial and safety benefits to the users and the corporate itself during the years, and we will focus on making a better indoor environment as our ultimate assignment in the future.

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